ProQuant – Simple Backtesting / Trading Bots for CFDs and Crypto

ProQuant is a pretty interesting tool that allows you to backtest and run simple Trading Bots for CFDs and Cryptocurrencies. I started looking at it when they introduced QuantScript a programming language that allows you to write custom trading bots. This language is pretty new so it doesn’t have many features at the moment, but it seems very simple to learn.

ProQuant support Trading212 for CFDs trading and Binance, Coinbase Pro, and HitBTC for crypto trading.

Here is an example of simplest Long Moving Average strategy:

ma_fast = SMA(close, 25)
ma_slow = SMA(close, 50)

enter long when CrossesUpwards(ma_fast, ma_slow)
exit long when CrossesDownwards(ma_fast, ma_slow)

As you can see it’s quite a simple way to set up trading bots. In addition to the code, you can set up take profit and stop loss in params without any coding:

Backtesting results seems pretty simple, but you basically have almost everything your need there:

You can also check positions of you backtest one by one and export them as a CSV if needed for further analysis:

Nice part is that you can debug your trading bot bar by bar and understand what is going on:

Unfortunately, there is no way to display any chart from your bot, it’s a bit slow overall and you have some limitations on execution time.

But overall it’s a pretty interesting tool that can allow you to create trading bots for CFDs on Trading 212 platform.

Here is the link to ProQuant:

Here is my small video review:

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