Fake/Invalid TradingView Strategies

I have been using TradingView 5+ years and during these years I saw very popular, but completely invalid strategies. I think because this popularity quite a lot of traders tried to trade these strategies and lost quite a lot of money.

Almost all fake strategies use a bug in v2 of PineScript which allows you to look in the future in backtesting and create really great strategies on paper. For example trading on the 1h chart, you can find out what is the current day close. If this close is above the current value you go long, if below you go short. I have a video describing this bug.

Of course, you will lose money trading these strategies. So I’m checking some of the most popular strategies in TradingView and reveal which of these strategies are not valid. Below you can find the list of found fake strategies.

If you want to check public strategies you’re using, feel free to contact me, and I’ll try to check it.