Fibonacci Bollinger Bands Strategy – July 2020 Recap

Last time I published new parameter examples for my Fibonacci Bollinger Bands Strategy at the beginning of July. Since that, we saw a pretty big move for cryptocurrencies so it’s interesting to see how my strategy performed in July.

Here are all parameters I suggested to use at the beginning of July and performance for July:

Coinbase, ETHUSD, 1h

We had a total of 4 trades, 1 of them was 30% profitable (for 100% invested)

Coinbase, ETHUSD, 15m

In total 10 trades, 60% profitable, pretty solid performance.

Binance, BTCUSDT, 30m

Decent performance but not great.

Binance, BTCUSDT, 2h

Decent performance, basically we had only 3 trades, 1 very good trade, 2 almost flat.


It was almost flat in July, not interesting.

Strategy seems to work pretty well for crypto. On all timeframes from 15m to 2h, it was pretty good, it managed to catch this big move.

You can find details about my strategy here.

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