Portfolio Tool


Cost / Purchase

The subscription to this indicator is 9.99$/month, 59.99$/year, or 99.99$ for lifetime access.

Also, you can request a 7-day trial access for 2.99$ to test indicator if it works for you.

For subscription, you can pay only with a card, for a lifetime and trial access you can use a card or Paypal.

How does this strategy work?

There is no way to compute the performance of a portfolio using TradingView basic features. Using the Portfolio tool you can do that. You can add up to 10 products with different weights to your portfolio and compare the performance of your portfolio to a selected benchmark. You can also change rebalancing frequency, initial capital, adjust stocks for dividends and change date range for your portfolio.

It’s advised to use a daily chart for portfolios. It will work for other timeframes but some metrics won’t be computed correctly.

As a result of a portfolio calculation, you will see 2 equity lines, one for portfolio another for benchmark:

small labels for monthly performances:

and a table with total advanced metrics for portfolios and benchmark:

In this table you will find the following metrics:

  • Total P&L: Total P&L for the whole date range.
  • Yearly P&L: Annualized return
  • MAX DD: Maximum drawdown
  • Volatility: Annualized volatility
  • Sharpe: Sharpe ratio
  • Last P&L: Last bar P&L
  • MTD P&L: Current bar P&L
  • YTD P&L: Current year P&L


In the Portfolio Tool, you will find the following parameters:

  • Initial Capital – initial capital for your portfolio
  • Rebalancing – frequency of rebalancing. Available Frequencies: No, Daily, Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly.
  • Adjust for stock dividends? – if checked stocks in the portfolio will be adjusted for dividends.
  • Compare to benchmark? – do you want to compare your portfolio to a benchmark?
  • Benchmark – benchmark symbol
  • Display Monthly P&L – Show/hide labels with monthly P&L
  • Performance offset – For how many bars to offset the performance table to the right.
  • Symbol 1 – Symbol 10 – up to 10 symbols you want to see in your portfolio.
  • Weight 1 (%) – Weight 10 – corresponding weights in % for symbols in your portfolio. If you don’t want to use this symbol use 0 as a weight.
  • From/To Day/Month/Year – date range you want to calculate your portfolio on.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this strategy repaint?

No, I don’t use any of the bugs in PineScript that cause strategy repainting.

Are these scripts free to use?

No, it’s my PRO indicators, you can purchase access to them using these links. You can still find quite a lot of free and open-source indicators on my TradingView profile.

Can I have a trial for these scripts?

You can get 7 days trial access to indicators for only 2.99$ so you can check if the strategy works for you personally.

Will I get access to the code of the script?

No, these are invite-only scripts on TradingView. You will be able to use them, but the code will be closed for you.

Can I modify your indicator?

As you don’t have access to code you can not modify it yourself. But if you think you know how to make it better – let me know. If I will decide that your modification is good enough I will add it to my scripts.

When will I get access to indicators?

After your purchase, I will grant you access in 24h max, usually it’s just a few hours.


Please remember that past performance may not be indicative of future results.

Due to various factors, including changing market conditions, the strategy may no longer perform as good as in historical backtesting.

This post and scripts don’t provide any financial advice.