SPR - Smoothed Pivot Reversal Alerts

SPR – Smoothed Pivot Reversal Alerts

SPR Alerts


Strategy on TradingView: https://www.tradingview.com/script/5aKFtoKw-Smoothed-Pivot-Reversal-Strategy-QuantNomad/

Alerts on TradingView: https://www.tradingview.com/script/gnPZiwKA-Smoothed-Pivot-Reversal-Alerts-QuantNomad/

Cost / Purchase

The subscription to this indicator is 9.99$/month, 59.99$/year, or 99.99$ for lifetime access.

Also, you can request a 7-day trial access for 2.99$ to test indicator if it works for you.

For subscription, you can pay only with a card, for a lifetime and trial access you can use a card or Paypal.

How does this strategy work?

This strategy is based on a standard pine script indicator called “Pivot Reversal Strategy”. You can find code for it in Pine Editor -> New section. 

The idea of the Pivot Reversal Strategy is very simple. First, you have to find Pivot Highs/Pivot Lows points. Pivot High, for example, is a candle that has around it few candles on the left and on the right with lower highs level (for pivot lows higher lows). Levels of these points can be pretty good support/resistance levels. So when price crosses these levels can be pretty good signals for a strategy. Here is my video on Pivot Points. 

The idea of this strategy is pretty simple. All I tried to do is to smooth pivot levels and receive signals faster than for usual pivots. If I use, for example, 20/20 pivots, to see the level change, I have to wait for 20 right bars. So I decided to create this strategy by calculating multiple pivot points with different right bar parameters and then calculating the average level from all of these pivots.

In strategy, I used three types of combining pivot points, different in a way I count pivots with low/high values of “right” bars.

  • Equal – All pivot points have similar weights.
  • Closest – Pivots with lower “right” params have more impact.
  • Farthest – Pivots with higher “right” params have more impact.

Entry happens when price crosses above/below the previous pivot high/low level.

There is only 1 type of exit: trailing stop loss in %.

What is this strategy good for?

Smoothed Pivot Reversal was developed for crypto for 15m to 2h timeframe. But it is pretty flexible so with different parameters it can work pretty good for other volatility products.

Here is an example of the performance of BTCUSDT, 1h chart:

Smoothed Pivot Reversal, 1H

More examples you can find here.


I tried to keep as fewest parameters as possible.

  • Left/Right Bars For Pivots – with this parameter, you can set left bars and the maximum number of bars for the right parameter of pivots.
  • More Weight in Smoothing – pivot points with bigger/smaller value right bars should receive a bigger weight.
  • Left/Right Bars For Pivots – with this parameter you can add additional smoothing with exponential moving average
  • Trailing SL (%) – parameter to set Trailing Stop Loss value.


You will find 4 custom alerts in the study:

  • SPR Long
  • SPR Short
  • SPR Exit Long
  • SPR Exit Short

When creating alerts use the “Once Per Bar” option.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this strategy repaint?

No, I don’t use any of the bugs in PineScript that cause strategy repainting.

Are these scripts free to use?

No, it’s my PRO indicators, you can purchase access to them using these links. You can still find quite a lot of free and open-source indicators on my TradingView profile.

Can I have a trial for these scripts?

You can get 7 days trial access to indicators for only 2.99$ so you can check if the strategy works for you personally.

Will I get access to the code of this script?

No, these are invite-only scripts on TradingView. You will be able to use them, but the code will be closed for you.

Is this strategy good for everything?

Unfortunately, no. This strategy is created for crypto and might work pretty well for other volatile products. But, unfortunately, it won’t work great for everything. So before purchasing it’s a good idea to get a free trial to make sure it works for you.

Can I modify your strategy?

As you don’t have access to code you can not modify it yourself. But if you think you know how to make it better – let me know. If I will decide that your modification is good enough I will add it to my scripts.

When will I get access to indicators?

After your purchase, I will grant you access in 24h max, usually it’s just a few hours.

Parameters Examples

The performance presented here is calculated at 2020-07-10. On the date you check it might be different.

Binance, BTCUSD, 1h

Bittrex, ETHUSDT, 1h

Bybit, ETHUSD, 30m

TSLA, 10m


Please remember that past performance may not be indicative of future results.

Due to various factors, including changing market conditions, the strategy may no longer perform as good as in historical backtesting.

This post and scripts don’t provide any financial advice.