Meet Vadim, founder at Quant Nomad (your trusted source for algorithmic trading tutorials and tips). 

About Me

Hello, my name is Vadim from Switzerland. I am a seasoned software developer with over 15 years of experience. About 6 years ago in 2015, I decided to focus exclusively on developing financial modeling solutions, particularly for the quantitative trading industry. I enjoy writing algorithmic trading strategies in Python, Pine Script and other programming languages.

I Strive to Democratize Algorithmic Trading

Working with hundreds of companies and individuals over the last 6 years, I couldn’t help but notice that a lot of people were using outdated and super expensive tools. It appeared that most of the tools in the quantitative trading industry were either too complicated or inefficient. Trustworthy learning resources were hard to come by. So, I set out on a mission to help make algorithmic trading as easy, efficient, and affordable as I could for as many people and companies.

Big Fan of Open Source and Radical Transparency

Radical transparency – that’s one thing the investment world lacks a lot. My goal is to build and publish tools, tutorials, and research that can benefit all traders regardless of their budget or location. For instance, I help regular traders learn to code indicators & backtest strategies on TradingView with the most comprehensive courses available.



My Experience

I started out as a web developer and data warehouse developer many years ago. These areas gave me a lot of exposure and experience that has been instrumental to date. My key areas of competence now revolve around quantitative development and analysis.

  • Automated Trading – I help both beginner and seasoned traders create automated strategies for backtesting, improved order entry speed, diversified trading, and other benefits that can result in better trading outcomes. 
  • TradingView Pine Script – I’m a top-ranked Pine Script (TradingView) developer with over 6 years of experience. I also offer one of the most experienced PineScript courses for traders who would like to reap the benefits of algorithmic trading on this platform. 
  • Quantitative Development (Python & R) – I have a wealth of experience creating quantitative algorithms in both Python and R programming languages to automate trading in diverse application scenarios. 

When I’m not writing automated scripts or helping my clients figure out something, I create comprehensive video tutorials to help as many people as possible join this bandwagon.


CEO and Founder of Quantitative Startup

Our company is located in Geneva, Switzerland. We’re focused on solving complicated projects for investors/traders. 


Quantitative Developer

Quant on multiple projects. Working with crypro, futures, options, equities. Involved in IT infrastructure development for several hedge funds. 


Data Warehouse Developer

Worked on building a multi-terabyte Data Warehouse in a retail bank. 


Web Developer - Freelancer

Building small websites with WordPress, MODx and PHP

What People Say

Here are some of the reviews from my past clients and partners:

Vadim helped me tremendously with a trading strategy on TradingView. He is smart, thorough, and a pleasure to work with. I have already recommended him to a friend. Hope to work with him in the future.
The best freelancer I can imagine! Vadim helped me implement a strategy on TradingView using Pine Script. Extremely fast turn around, attention to detail, and a pleasure to work with.
Responsive and reliable. Completed the job quickly - a pleasure to work with. Thanks Vadim for your help!
Nathalie Moore
Very professional and thorough work, I would hire Vadim again and highly recommend him.

Get in Touch

Working with a small team of like-minded people, we hope to make a significant impact on the industry and help more traders utilize modern tools to optimize their trading outcomes. 

If you’d like to support my efforts and contributions, consider buying me a beer 🙂 I also appreciate any feedback, questions, or suggestions regarding Pine script strategies or any other automated trading approaches.