Algorithmic trading has become a viable and profitable strategy that investors can utilize in back testing, monitoring, diversification, and reduction of manual errors. This approach helps remove inefficiencies so that traders can maximize their investments in the market, stocks, and crypto. Algorithmic trading tools are always changing and it’s important for quant developers to stay on top of the latest developments in the sector.

My Goal 

Throughout the 6+ years that I have been a quantitative developer, my goal has been to develop high-efficiency financial models, promote transparency, and create tutorials for both beginner and experienced traders. I have so far worked with more than 200 trading clients (individuals and companies) and the time has come for me to expand to a team that can get much more done.

Like Minded Professionals 

I’m looking for like-minded professionals to help tackle both existing and upcoming projects. Ideally, you should be passionate about Quantitative Finance and be eager to disrupt the industry as we know it. Interest in Quantitative finance programming languages such as Python, Pine Script, and R would be valuable. Freelancers and professionals who can research the market and write about quantitative finance, cryptocurrencies, and similar topics are also encouraged to join the Quant Nomad bandwagon.

Note: Quant Nomad is an equal opportunity platform. We focus on your skills and competencies and do not care about age, nationality, time zone, or background.

If interested, please contact me