Course Scholarships


My courses are relatively cheap. But still, some people might have issues paying that for one video course. I believe that it’s important to keep education affordable. So I decided starting Jan 2021 every month to give up one scholarship so that you can enroll in the course for free. You use this form to request it:

Received scholarships:

Jan-2021 – Usman Haider

I have a master’s degree in Electrical Engineering and I am passionate about programming and using it to build solutions for different real life businesses. I am seeking a job and building new skills.  I am interested in building trading solutions using pine script.


Feb-2021 – ArvindĀ 

Am Arvind from India,  Had severe loss and debt by trading without proper knowledge. Now am not trading and focusing only on acquiring proper knowledge in pine script and succeed in the market.

Mar-2021 – Dustin

I grew up on a farm in the middle of nowhere Texas, and have started paper trading 2 months ago and became passionate about backtesting with no real understanding of automating it. I became intensively involved in day trading due to the downturn in the market from Unemployment and wanting to not risk the market as others have done with the viral stocks. I want to learn the proper way to use PineScript to backtest my day trading strategies.


Apr-2021 – Anil

I am working as an engineer for my living and for the last few years I started trading for charity purpose.. eventually I got developed a lot of interest in the stock market, and also realized the need to have some custom tools to make our trading job easier and searched for Tradingview pine programming resources.. of all, that are available on the internet, I found Quantnomad to be most interesting, with well-structured content.
Thanks a lot for understanding and helping me with a scholarship.