Course Scholarships

My algorithmic trading courses are relatively cheap. But still, I acknowledge some people might have issues paying that for one video course. I believe that it’s important to keep education affordable. So I decided (starting Jan 2021) to give up one scholarship every month so that you can enroll in the course for free. Please use this form to request free access:

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Received scholarships

Jan-2021 – Usman Haider

I have a master’s degree in Electrical Engineering and I am passionate about programming and using it to build solutions for different real life businesses. I am seeking a job and building new skills.  I am interested in building trading solutions using pine script.


Feb-2021 – Arvind 

Am Arvind from India,  Had severe loss and debt by trading without proper knowledge. Now am not trading and focusing only on acquiring proper knowledge in pine script and succeed in the market.

Mar-2021 – Dustin

I grew up on a farm in the middle of nowhere Texas, and have started paper trading 2 months ago and became passionate about backtesting with no real understanding of automating it. I became intensively involved in day trading due to the downturn in the market from Unemployment and wanting to not risk the market as others have done with the viral stocks. I want to learn the proper way to use PineScript to backtest my day trading strategies.


Apr-2021 – Anil

I am working as an engineer for my living and for the last few years I started trading for charity purpose.. eventually I got developed a lot of interest in the stock market, and also realized the need to have some custom tools to make our trading job easier and searched for Tradingview pine programming resources.. of all, that are available on the internet, I found Quantnomad to be most interesting, with well-structured content.
Thanks a lot for understanding and helping me with a scholarship.


May-2021, Aurel

I am from Moldova and I’m graduated from the faculty of mathematics and computer science (master degree). I worked for over 10 years in the field of information security and have over 20 years of experience in IT. The development of trading strategies is for me like a hobby for a passive income, respectively I try to code them for auto trading. I liked to enter the realms of programming and I think that programming will be my next strategical job!


June-2021, Mukesh Kumar

I am a student from India,  this would be a great opportunity for me to learn, I am very eager to learn, it will be very useful for me.

July-2021, Balender Kumar

I am a B. Tech graduate, I have completed my degree in Computer science in  2012. I have a keen interest in algorithm trading, I am learning my own. This course can boost my learning process.

August-2021, Andy Roid

After my retirement as a teacher and a scientist, I have started learning Pinescript – the functional programming language of Tradingview, in automating the trading environment.  I am testing a few indices like Nifty and Banknifty in Indian NSE market with the view to extract info from several of the public  indicators for early signals, even though by nature the indicators themselves are lagging.  This gesture to give away a scholarship a month will go a long way in furthering this cause and will surely motivate more people to enter the realm of coding. I have previously coded in FORTRAN language for science projects, which I suppose is also helpful in logic and organized flow of commands.

Settember-2021, Naveen Kumar

I have Bachelor’s Degree in Computer science. I am passionate about pinescript programming. I want to write PineScript programming as a freelancer. I love to do PineScript programming. 
I will write other strategies as a pinescript coder to do their Trading easy.

October-2021, Veli

My name is Veli. I’m from Turkey. I’ve been working as a civil engineer for 18 years and I have a Master’s degree in Economics. I’m very enthusiastic about computers and programming. I have been trading in the stock and coin market for 2-3 years. Recently I came across the idea of using algorithms for trading and learning pinescript is a way of doing this. I think this course is very good and suitable for me to develop strategies for trading.

November-2021, Alex

My name is Alexius Carvalho (Alex) and I am from a humble lower middle class family from Mumbai in India.

I am a Mechanical Engineer and supporting my family. Since I and my brother wanted to do something on our own we decided to start with the stock market with all our life savings. We were able to hold our own but scanning to many stocks everyday manually is not optimum. So I decided to try to learn pinescript so that i can get some help in scanning for stocks.Thats where I came across your channel on youtube.

December-2021, Bernardito

I am 70 years old and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering.
Retired for 4 years, I have been dabbling in forex trading but my paper trading results are not something to write about. Until I discovered Tradingview and realized how Pinescript would transform me into a real trader. I do not intend to get rich trading, but a little extra income will augment my SS check and I can have more time fishing with my buddies. I may even buy my own boat, who knows.

January-2022, Ayush

My name is Ayush, I live in Delhi, India. I am in my last year of graduation thanks for your scholarship it means a lot to me “this has by far been the best investment I’ve done lately!! your course will help me to fast-track my pine script learning journey. The videos are to the point, cover more than the fundamental concepts only, and most importantly, are ready to be used in actual practice, I’ve already obtained new, valuable insights and I’m confident this will help me to become a better trader as well. thanks for your scholarship it means a lot to me

February-2022, Kairos

I am preparing for my CFA Level 1 and learning coding along with it. I dream to make a career out of automated trading and while doing research I went through your tradingview scripts. I tried a lot of youtube and udemy courses but your style is really good and I understood most from you rather than others. If I could learn to code like you do, I think it will make me good in the field.

March-2022, Arun

I am studying engineering from Meerut (India) and during Covid got an interest in trading markets basically Indian indexes. I love to back-test my strategy before applying them in markets and pine-script is the way to do that. I want to learn more and give back my scripts to the community.