Quantitative Projects in Python

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Quantitative Projects in Python

Who are we?

We’re a small team of Quantitative Developers and analysts located worldwide.

Our team experience includes the following:

  • 10+ years of experience working in Python for various projects.
  • 7+ years of experience in Python Quantitative Development.
  • Backtests using different engines like vectorbt, backtrader, and self-made engines.
  • Complex custom quantitative analysis using multiple data sources, fundamentals, etc.
  • Using big amounts of open data to generate trading signals.
  • Using ML techniques like sentiment analysis in trading.
  • Dozens of different data APIs, from Yahoo Finance to Bloomberg
  • Working with various trading instruments, including regular futures and options.
  • Building custom dashboards/web apps Plotly Dash.
  • Building highly scalable cloud infrastructures in AWS.
Projects we will be happy to help you with:
  • Running backtest on any instruments and any timeframes.
  • Custom quantitative research using price and fundamentals.
  • Calculate signals based on open data using machine learning.
  • Creating a custom web-based trading dashboard for backtests, analysis, etc.
  • Implementing post-trade analysis – calculating stress tests, VaR for your portfolios.
  • Creating Data Pipelines delivering market data, positions from the brokers, etc.

Why Python for Quantitative Development / Analytics?

Python is an excellent language for quantitative development. It has many quant-related libraries that are easy to use to implement great solutions very fast. Majority of APIs have Python support, and almost all brokers and exchanges have Python libraries already created. Python is a very versatile programming language. With python, it’s easy to create data pipelines, core software, and web applications to support your data-driven decision. It is perfect for Machine Learning and big data. Python is a very effective language in terms of programming speed, so we can be very effective in developing applications.

Because of the listed facts, Python for us is a perfect solution for quantitative projects. Using one main language allows us to be very effective in collaborations. But our expertise is wider than Python. When needed, we switch to C++, R, Pine Script, and EasyLanguage to complement our solutions.

Why should you choose us?

Our team has many years of proven experience with Python for Quantitative projects

Our Approach
How much does it cost?

Depending on the complexity of the project price can vary a bit. The price for the Python project with us can start from 1000$.

The project can be subject to additional costs associated with data subscriptions, cloud infrastructure cost,s and support if required.

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