Hire an Expert Algorithmic Trading Developer

Algorithmic trading offers unique benefits such as instant and accurate order placement, trades executed at the best possible prices, reduced transaction costs, reduced risk of manual errors, and real-time data analysis (with backtesting). However, most traders simply lack the time or expertise to leverage the latest Algo-trading programming languages such as Pine Script and advanced Python and R libraries. Hiring a programmer to automate your trading strategy can be an excellent way to make the most out of these Algo-trading tools. 

Bring Nearly 20 Years of Hands-on Experience to Your Automated Trading Project

Vadim, popularly known as the Quant Nomad in the TradingView community, has a wealth of Algo-trading experience. Vadim, who lives in peace-loving Switzerland, has written production-level software for over 16 years (and counting). He has worked full time as a data scientist for Hedge Funds, and the last 6 years of his programming experience has been focused exclusively on quantitative development using TradingView’s Pine Script, Python, and R.

Leverage Authentic Skill and Talent

Vadim is a recognized and respected pine script programmer who brings advanced tooling and a proven skillset to the job. 

Whether you are looking to execute trades faster and easier or aiming to quickly book profits off small changes in price – Vadim can help. 

→ Vadim’s Reputation Speaks for Himself 

Hire a pine script programming freelancer with an impeccable reputation on TradingView. Vadim boasts a well-distributed market allocation (cryptocurrency, forex, options, etc) on his own account and has a commanding presence on the TradingView platform. 

→ Rated Among the Best TradingView Developers in the World

Is there a better place to look for Pine Script programmers than TradingView’s own pocket list? Vadim has been ranked among the top TradingView developers by TradingView itself.

→ Leading Authority in the Algorithmic Trading Niche 

Vadim is a lot more than just a quantitative trader and freelance programmer. He has contributed top educational content (including courses) to the Algo-trading niche and cultivated a massive following across platforms. 

  • 100 open-source published courses on Trading View.
  • 200+ Completed Pine Script related freelancing Projects
  • Published 2 courses for Pine Script with hundreds of students enrolled
  • 15K+ Subscribers on all platforms

→ Consistent 5 Star Ratings on Major Freelancing Platform 

Looking to hire a quantitative developer via a third-party freelancing platform? Vadim has a 100% (with a TOP RATED badge) rating on Upwork, and a 5/5 rating from dozens of clients on Codementor.

Your Automated Trading Code. Built to Your Specifications 

Are you looking to run a great quantitative analysis? Well, you no longer need to purchase expensive or outdated tools! 

Partner directly with an established company to create highly efficient pine scripts for your custom indicators. Vadim has worked with very complicated Pine Script projects and writes clear, optimized, well-tested and documented code. After each project completion, Vadim will provide comprehensive documentation with usage examples to enhance understanding and reuse. He also communicates clearly and promptly and stays on top of the latest Pine Script features (new additions). 

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Where can I hire algorithmic developers?

You can hire Quant Nomad (Vadim) right here on this website. However, if you prefer to work via established third-party freelancing platforms such as Upwork or Codementor, I am also available. The first step is to complete a basic quotation form so I can understand your project requirements and create a custom cost estimate. 

What Algo-trading languages do you specialize in?

I have 16+ years of experience as a software programmer, at least 7 of which have been entirely focused on quantitative development. I have published numerous tutorials and scripts on the TradingView charting platform and have performed much of my work using Pine Script (TradingView’s custom programming language). I also execute algorithmic trading strategies in Python and R to suit my clients’ preferences. Get in touch to let me know more about your unique Algo-trading project. 

Hiring pine programmers vs learning to do it on my own?

Learning Pine Script can be a great way to own all aspects of your algorithmic trading strategy. However, it is important to appreciate that there is a learning curve involved. My Pine Script courses are a great way to build your skills at your own pace. But many experienced traders choose to hire a seasoned programmer to write their trading scripts (at least before perfecting TradeView development). This can also be advantageous because it removes the need for you to code (or learn to code) and frees up your time so you can focus on other core tasks. 

How can I ensure that I get success from my trading scripts?

Hiring an experienced programmer is simply not enough to make your algorithmic trading project a success. The following are some tips that you can follow to improve the chances of success from start to finish. 

  • Define clear requirements – when you hire a trading scripts developer, you can expect them to write the code (logic) that you dictate. The responsibility to run profitable trading logic and strategies is entirely yours. Communicating clear and detailed requirements can make a lot of difference. Make sure you take the time to run through your scenarios and create tight specifications that the developer can implement for you.
  • Intellectual property – Intellectual Property (IP) is one area that should be prioritized when hiring a TradeView dev to do your script programming. You need to protect sensitive information and proprietary details. A good way to mitigate this issue is to ask the programmer to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). Working with an established company like QuantNomad that is used to privately handling sensitive client details can also help. 
  • Budget – it always helps to work within a defined budget. But don’t let low fees mislead you. Keep in mind that you get what you pay for. Algo-trading script programming is a specialized area simply because it traverses two disciplines. The developer has to understand the market jargon and trading routines as well as perfect the coding language. A good rule of thumb is to hire based on experience and skill set as opposed to prioritizing the budget.