My Affiliates

My Affiliates

Affiliate Disclosure

From time to time, this site (Quant Nomad) may include affiliate links to a variety of affiliate advertising programs on which the owner of this website earns a referral commission. This website uses referral and affiliate links and accepts forms of cash advertising, sponsorship, and other forms of compensation. This affiliate disclosure has been issued in compliance with existing guidelines.

How I Select Affiliate Partners

Quant Nomad selects and shares affiliate links transparently based on a simple set of rules:

  • Trustworthiness – the tool/product/service should be trustworthy.
  • Tried and tested –I’m using the tool/product/service myself and I am satisfied with its performance/results.
  • Safety and ethics – we only share safe and ethical tools and products. Quant Nomad doesn’t share or publicize gambling services and other tools that can harm our users.
  • Value provision – we only share tools that provide benefits or solve a problem you may have.

I have used this time-tested criterion for a long time and it has enabled me to consistently link my users to some really great products and services (both within and beyond the quantitative development and financial modeling industry)

Our Affiliate Partners 

Quant Nomad is currently working with the following affiliate partners.


TradingView is a place where investors, traders, educators, and market enthusiasts can simply connect to share ideas and talk about the market. It is an awesome place to boost market knowledge, improve methods and techniques, and perfect your charting and trading skills. I use TradingView every day for diverse projects and I believe it is one of the best charting tools on the market especially if you wish to maximize value for money. Most of the courses and resources I have published on Quant Nomad are centered around this charting platform. 

What you get → Use my TradingView link to get $30 OFF when upgrading to a PRO account.

Our compensation For every PRO subscription I get 1000 internal TradingView coins (worth $10). I use these coins mostly to motivate beginner traders on the platform.


SwissBorg is a blockchain-powered secure wealth management platform for cryptocurrency investments. The first of its kind, it provides an easy-to-use tool for traders to better navigate the financial field of cryptocurrencies and manage their crypto investments more effectively. The majority of my Crypto holdings are staked on SwissBorg and I earn interest on it. I find this tool to be very seamless with a mobile app that is user-friendly for both beginners and experienced crypto investors. You can earn up to 30% APY for their internal CHSB token.

What you get → Use my SwissBorg link to get a reward ticket earning up to €200 in CHSB.

Our compensation →  I get the same ticker for every account created.


XOLO combines the best components of European private and public infrastructures such as the Estonian e-Residency, accounting, banking, and tax reporting to create a simple service that can help entrepreneurs offload the burden of business administration. They are a highly automated self-service-based and location-independent management solution that I seamlessly use to run my entire business. XOLO essentially enables you (as a trader, investor, entrepreneur, etc.) to run an EU company based in Estonia without ever visiting the country. I have used this platform for over 3 years and am really happy about the quality and pricing.

What you get → Use my XOLO link to get a €100 welcome bonus.

Our compensation → I get between 20 € and 100 € depending on the type of account you will create.