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Announcing the Ultimate UT Bot Screener: Early Access Available!

Announcing the Ultimate UT Bot Screener: Early Access Available!

We’re excited to introduce the Ultimate UT Bot Screener, a powerful new custom screener on TradingView designed to enhance your trading experience. This innovative tool will be available to everyone in just two weeks, but we’re offering an exclusive opportunity for early access to those who want to get a head start.

What is the Ultimate UT Bot Screener?

The Ultimate UT Bot Screener is a comprehensive tool that supports up to 40 instruments. It provides detailed insights and analyses based on the UT Bot indicator. Whether you’re a seasoned trader or just starting out, this screener will be invaluable to your toolkit.

Key Features:

  1. Support for Multiple Instruments: Track and analyze up to 40 instruments simultaneously, giving you a broad view of market opportunities.
  2. Detailed Signal Information: This section provides insights into the last signal generated by the UT Bot indicator and current trade P&L
  3. Price Move Alerts: Understanding the price movement needed for a signal reversal can help you make informed decisions about your trades.
  4. Recent Trades Analysis: Access comprehensive information about recent trades, allowing you to review and refine your trading strategies.

Early Access Opportunity

We believe in the power of community and user feedback. That’s why we’re offering early access to the Ultimate UT Bot Screener to a select group of traders who are eager to experience its capabilities before the official launch.

How to Get Early Access:

  1. Fill Out the Form: Complete the form with your details.
  2. TradingView Username: Include your TradingView username so we can grant you access.

This early access period will last a couple of weeks, giving you ample time to explore the screener and provide valuable feedback to help us refine and perfect the tool.

Why You Shouldn’t Miss This

Early access to the Ultimate UT Bot Screener means you’ll be among the first to experience its powerful features and contribute to its development. Your feedback will play a crucial role in shaping the final version of the screener, ensuring it meets the needs of traders like you.

Don’t miss out on this exclusive opportunity to get a sneak peek at the Ultimate UT Bot Screener and enhance your trading strategies with advanced insights and analysis.

We look forward to your participation and can’t wait to hear your feedback!

Get started now and be a part of the future of trading with the Ultimate UT Bot Screener!

For more information contact us at

Happy Trading!

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