Can you automate trading in TradingView with one of the supported brokers?

Can you automate trading in TradingView with one of the supported brokers?

Trading automation has become a trendy topic in recent years as more and more traders are looking for ways to streamline their operations and improve their efficiency. Automated trading systems can help traders make better decisions, identify opportunities, reduce risk, and even execute trades automatically. With the advances in technology, automated trading is becoming increasingly accessible to traders of all levels.

TradingView is now one of the most used charting tools. And I received a lot of questions about automating your strategies in TradingView. You might see quite a lot of brokers supporting integration with TradingView, but can you automate your Pine Script strategy?

Short answer is no, you can’t use standard tools to automate strategies in TradingView. Integration of a broker with TradingView means that you can trade from your chart without switching windows to broker. For example, you can click the right button on your chart and see there Trade menu item. Trading from it will send your order directly to your broker:

You should also see your current positions reflected in TradingView as well. So it’s a nice feature that will save you quite a lot of time, but it’s not close to automation.

3rd Party tools

But if something has a significant demand, there will be solutions for it. You can find quite a lot of 3rd party tools you can use to automate signals from TradingView to different exchanges/brokers. Usually, they consume alerts from TradingView via webhook and translate them into orders so they can be nicely executed. If you google your exchange or brokets with “trading view automation,” you’ll find quite a lot of results. Here are some examples:

  • Aleltratron – for crypto only
  • Autoview – browser plugin supporting crypto
  • Capitalise AI – for IB, crypto, forex, etc.

Python custom solutions

Unfortunately, with a scandal of licked API secret keys from 3commas, it’s hard for me to recommend any of these 3rd party tools. You have to be careful with any of these tools you provide API access to your exchange. If you know how to code in Python, you can find plenty of exciting solutions doing the same thing. You’ll host it yourself, so it will be safer for sure. Off course, it will be more complicated than the drag-and-drop tool before, but you have to decide what is more essential for you. Here are just a few of them:


Why is TradingView, with a dozen million users and 300M$+ investment, doesn’t have that features? Well, I think this is because responsibility for this feature is much higher than just charting. If you deliver a feature to millions of users, it should be perfect. I believe that TradingView is working on this feature. It seems like a logical development of the tool, and there is a huge demand that users have immense frustration about the existing tool. My prediction is that we’ll see automated execution in TradingView in the next 1-2 years. It will be exciting to test it.

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