FAQ – My PineScript indicator doesn’t work as expected? Where can I get help?

There are plenty of ways you can get help with your PineScript indicator or strategy. In this article, I will list few free and paid ways you can get help.

Check official documentation and manuals

TradingView has a pretty nice collection of reference guide and manuals:

Other PineScript manuals and resources:

  • My YouTube Channel – Over the years I published 60+ educational videos about TradingView and PineScript.
  • My PineScript / TradingView FAQ – I’m trying to gather the most popular question people usually have about PineScript and
  • My PineScript / TradingView Courses – I already have hundreds of students, you can join them to learn PineScrip. I keep working on existing courses, keeping them up to date. Also, I’m developing new courses as well.
  • PineCoders – Great resource with many useful links.
  • Kodify – Great resource with hundreds of tutorial articles for PineScript and TradingView.

Chats and Forums

  • My Discord Channel – You can join my channel and ask your question there. There I can help you or 1 of my subscribers.
  • StackOverflow – The most famous website for Programming questions. Try to search your question there. There is a big probability that somebody already had it and solved it. You can also create your own question.

Hire a Developer

If you’re not very good at programming you can decide to hire a developer for your project. Fortunately, there are quite a lot of options for you:

  • Contact me – These days I’m pretty busy, but from time to time I take new projects.
  • Trusted PineScript Developers to Hire – TradingView maintains a list of trusted developers. You can contact one of them. Good quality of work is almost guaranteed to you. However, the price for the most well-known experts might be pretty high.
  • UpWork – great freelance marketplace. You can find there PineScript developers as well. You can find developers from entry to expert levels and with a corresponding hourly rate.
  • CodeMentor – for quick projects and mentorship you can search for developers on CodeMentor.
  • Fiverr – for cheaper prices, you can try to go to Fiverr. I’m not sure you’ll get the quality you want so be careful.

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