Rounding Numbers in PineScript

Rounding Numbers in PineScript

In pine script there is a function round(x). It is very simple and allows you to round numbers only to the closest integer number.

x = round(12.26) //  = 13

This is a bit irritating because I very often have to round numbers to some decimal places and not an integer.
So I created 2 functions I use all the time and now sharing them with you.

  • roundn – rounds the values in its first argument to the specified number of decimal places.
  • roundtick – rounds the values to current symbol mintick

Here is the code for these functions:

roundn(x, n) => 
    mult = 1 
    if n != 0
        for i = 1 to abs(n)
            mult := mult * 10
    n >= 0 ? round(x * mult) / mult : round(x / mult) * mult 

roundtick(x) => 
    round(x / syminfo.mintick) * syminfo.mintick

Here is how it works:

  • roundn(12.76543, 0) = 13
  • roundn(12.76543, 2) = 12.77
  • roundn(12.76543, -1) = 10
  • roundtick(9090.2467) = 9090.25 (for bitcoin on bitstamp)

Here you can find an example of these functions use.

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