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High/Low Volume Indicator

I published a new indicator on TradingView: High/Low Volume by QuantNomad on In this indicator, I show you a better way to define high/low

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How to concatenate strings in Pine Script

String concatenation is the main string feature in any programming language. It allows multiple strings to be joined together to form one larger string. This is used in many programming languages to create more complicated strings. String concatenation can be used to combine strings of different lengths, as well as to concatenate strings of text and numerical data.

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Pine Script Strategy trading at specific days of the week.

In this article, I’m showing how to work with days of the week in Pine Script and an example of a simple strategy built with only days of the week signals. To know the current day of the week, I’m using “dayofweek()” function. It outputs numbers from 1 to 7 depending on the day of the week. Be careful with the values, 1 is Sunday, and 7 is Saturday here.

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