FAQ – How To Apply Indicator on Indicator in TradingView?

In TradingView you can easily calculate an indicator on another indicator without writing any code. You can do that even on invite-only or indicators with protected code. In this article, I will show you how you can do that in TradingView.

Here for example my Buffet indicator:

Let’s assume that I want to calculate a simple moving average on top of it. To do that click 3 small dots near your indicator status line and click “Add Indicator / Strategy on *** “

This will open a usual “Indicator & Strategies” pop-up window. You can find an indicator you want to apply and click on it:

Immediately you’ll see an indicator applied to your chart. Find its status line and click on the “Gear” icon to open indicator Settings:

This will open moving average settings:

Here you can change default parameters for moving average but most importantly you can choose what should be the source for the indicator:

As a source, you can choose the usual sources for your instrument and all lines plotted by the indicator on the chart. I will select the “Buffet Indicator” line as a source.

That’s it, now I have a nice simple moving average added to my chart as an additional line:

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