How to Export TradingView Backtesting Data From a Pro Account

How to Export TradingView Backtesting Data From a Pro Account

You may want to export TradingView strategy backtesting data for any number of reasons. For instance, you could want to use data in other programming languages or analyze this data in Excel or analytics tools.

The good news is that TradingView recently introduced a feature to make this process super easy for you. Keep in mind though that this capability is only available for paid users with Pro+ or Premium TradingView accounts. 

Note: If you don’t have a Pro+ or Premium account, don’t worry, there is a way to export this data even with a free or Pro account.

Exporting Strategy Tester Data From Pro+ or Premium Account

Step 1: Apply Strategy

One of the best things about exporting backtesting data from TradingView is that you don’t need to apply any special tricks or follow complicated procedures. You only need to use the standard tools available within the platform to get this done. 

The first step is to apply the strategy you need to get data from to your chart. The exporting feature becomes available as soon as the chart data is loaded. 

Step 2: Click to Download

As long as your chart data is loaded, you should see the “Download” button in the Performance Summary and List of Trades tabs. 

Note: data from each tab is exported separately. If you select the “List of Trades” tab then hit “Download”, this should only export the trade information. Otherwise, if you download from the “Performance Summary” tab, this should only export the metrics. 


Your data (loaded on your TradingView screen) is downloaded in CSV format. 

Here’s how an example of how Performance Summary data looks in Excel 

Here’s an example of how Trades data looks in Excel 

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