How to Export TradingView Backtesting Data With a Free Account

How to Export TradingView Backtesting Data With a Free Account

This method doesn’t seem to work anymore, check the following article: Exporting New TradingView Trades metrics to Excel

In one of my previous posts, I detailed how it is possible to export strategy backtesting data (but only a Pro+ or Premium TradingView account). If you are a trader/user who only has a free TradingView account, you may feel locked out. The good news though is that you may still be able to download the same strategy backtesting data by using a 3rd party tool. 

Step 1: Download Autoview chrome plugin 

The first step towards exporting your data from a free TradingView account is to download a chrome extension known as Autoview.

Click here to Download Autoview

This plugin (Autoview) is designed to automate your trading strategies to exchange. But it also includes a feature that allows you to download data for strategies. 

Note: you need a compatible chrome browser version to be able to install this extension. 

Step 2: Install Autoview and Export Data

The next step is to install Autoview. Once this is done, go to your TradingView account and add the desired strategy to your chart. You should see an additional “Export” button in your strategy menu.

You should get the following message/prompt after clicking on the “Export” button. 

Step 3: Paste to Excel 

Open your Excel and paste the exported data. You should get all the information on the same sheet. 

→ Parameters you run your strategy with and strategy overview:

→ Performance Summary: 

→ List of trades: 

You don’t need to have a Pro+ or Premium TradingView account to be able to export your data. Go right ahead and download the Autoview extension and experiment with your data as you wish. 

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